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MikroTik: Kid-control

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A probar –

“Kid control” is a parental control feature to limit internet connectivity for kids. It is a work in progress.

Kid names and weekly schedule are added under “/ip kid-control“. For each day of week (mon,tue,wed,thu,fri,sat,sun) time of day is selected, when internet access should be allowed. Sometimes kids need internet to make homework. But, they will watch videos instead of learning if unlimited internet access is allowed. In this case rate-limiting internet speed could be the solution. It can be done with “rate-limit” and “time-rate-limited” attributes.

Kid could have multiple internet connected devices (phone, tablet, gaming console, tv etc.). All of them should be assigned to the kid under “/ip kid-control device”. Device is identified by IP address. It is possible to assign whole subnet to kids devices using netmask.